Chowgirls Do It Right

ChowgirlsHow often does a sassy caterer throw a fabulous party to mark the grand opening of their brand-new, custom-made facility while serving a bunch of killer food for FREE for four hours on a Thursday night? It’s a rare opportunity if I ever heard one!

Heidi and Amy are the owners of Chowgirls. Tonight, they celebrated their move to Northeast by throwing this classy little fete. I went with my partner in crime Angela, and we certainly got the inspiration we were hoping to find. First of all, in the adjacent art gallery was a scene too good to be true. A riot of delicious, easy-to-eat party food: marinated chevre; spanikopita; pastries filled with chicken and apricot; little toasts with marcona almonds, honey, and cheese; a spicy/creamy vegetable soup of some kind; small sandwiches; mushroom and lamb whatnot to dollop on bread; blood-red cupcakes . . . Gads, the list goes on, and I didn’t even make it over to the table full of wine, as content as I was with the spoils at hand.lobby

We then headed over to their space where Heidi generously shared her time by giving us a tour of the kitchen and answering all of our questions about her business, which seems to have gracefully filled a culinary hole in the Twin Cities. After four years of business, the Chowgirls have 20 employees and a seriously inspiring kitchen that is a perfect example of what I love most about food: self-expression. The floor tile and etched glass featuring their logo were made locally by friends. The tin ceiling makes for a classy entrance. The fun graphic design lets visitors know they’re in for something special. And the bright, efficient kitchen obviously churns out all that remarkable food.

Way to go, Chowgirls. I hope your new digs give you all the additional success you clearly deserve!

Angela and Heidi


5 thoughts on “Chowgirls Do It Right

  1. Stefanie

    I’m sorry. Did you say you “didn’t make it over” to the “table full of wine”? I’m confused.

    Who are you, and what have you done with my friend Carrie? šŸ™‚

  2. Carrie Post author

    Stef – I know it may come as a surprise. But it just goes to show you how nice this event was. There was so much good food and the vibe was so open and friendly that we were more intent on the scene and less intent on getting a glass of wine.

  3. Carrie Post author

    Heidi – You’re welcome! I should be thanking you for all the great food. Your new blog looks fabulous and I look forward to seeing what goes in the life of a Chowgirl.

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