"Minnesota Chic" New Year’s Eve Party

Given that I am a foodbuzz featured writer, I entered something foodbuzz calls simply “24, 24, 24.” It’s an event in whichwindow 24 bloggers produce 24 meals all within the same 24 hours anywhere around the world. The best part about it? Foodbuzz is the virtual host, so they pay for the event (with a cap, of course).

To be considered, bloggers pitched their best ideas for “the most creative way to honor 2008” and promised to write a great post about it. Based upon the fine merits of my proposal (ahem, tossed together at the brink of the deadline), I was chosen as one of the 24 bloggers. That means that I get reimbursed to throw a party. Yes, I believe you heard that right. We eat and be merry — and foodbuzz pays for it.

With a little help from my friends (hats off to Aaron and his admirable ecofootprint), I turned our event into a challenge. I proposed a “Minnesota Chic” New Year’s Eve party showcasing as many local foods as possible — which of course might get a bit hairy here in the heart of winter. Local food, local music, and local booze — all with my favorite local peeps around me to kick off 2009.

We have quite a few ideas brewing, including a Minne-tini (Peace Coffee and Shakers vodka), risotto, soup, and trout from Star Prairie. Bread from Rustica. Tortillas from La Perla. Who knows, really. The menu is up in the air until I gather some more information.

For now, please let me know if you have any ideas to help this night take shape. I’m defining “local” in a very lofty way for the evening — as thoroughly Minnesota as possible. What local products do you love? Where will I get the grains? What dairy farmers are still cranking in this deep snow? What producers are distributing frozen produce from the growing season? What local companies have products you are proud of?

Also, if you are a local eco-foodie, please drop me a line at ediblecities.msp@gmail.com if you’d like to be invited.


9 thoughts on “"Minnesota Chic" New Year’s Eve Party

  1. Jamie

    Carrie, I love Pepin Heights apple cider from Lake City and cinnamon ice cream from Cedar Summit Farm in New Prague.

    You can also check out the Minnesota Grown directory for more ideas.

  2. Carrie Post author

    Elisabeth – You should stop by if you are in town. We would love it if you did. I’ll forward the invite to you.

  3. Kitty

    Our back alley neighbor is involved in a Vodka Project… they’re brewing vodka from local grains, called 45th Parallel Vodka. And, yes, they are located on the 45th parallel in New Richmond, WI. Syrduks carries it… I think it’s a little sweeter than Shakers Vodka. Mark and I both enjoy it quite a bit.

  4. Carrie Post author

    You guys all have great ideas. Liz, I picked up a chocolate babka from Breadsmith. I imagine I will soon be an addict. Kitty, cannot wait to try homemade vodka. And Larry, I’ve never even tried lefse before! Maybe sometime soon.

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