Places I’ve lived: Milwaukee, New York City, Chicago, St. Paul, and Minneapolis
Schools I’ve attended: St. Norbert College (literature) and New York University (literary theory)
Liabilities I’ve incurred: Two cats, one vintage apartment, and a few jobs in book publishing
About me: I’m Carrie. I live in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and it hasn’t always been like this.

Like a motherly matchmaker, I think about food when I’m driving home from work. (Will the tamarind sauce make a better match for the fish or the chicken?) I eat exclusively at local, independent restaurants and explore the selection at a new co-op every time I travel. I think reading the food section in the newspaper is the epitome of a civilized week. When I meet people I like, I want to cook for them, extravagantly. And when the wind blows in the right direction and a date ends with a kiss, my mind goes to town and invariably starts planning our first meal.

We eat because we have to. It’s a basic function and a relatively mundane fact of life. So why all the fuss about food?

Because food gives us a vital sense of connection. When I use a cookbook, I’m learning about the author who carefully created it. When I order a meal, I’m experiencing the creativity of the chef who envisioned it. When I’m shopping for food, I’m part of my community, and when I’m reading restaurant and food reviews, I’m enjoying the writer’s perspective and forming an opinion of my own. As I see it, nobody eats alone.

I cook and eat adventurously because it allows me to experience other cultures and people. Learning to cook is a satisfying pursuit that allows me to keep learning–and I never want to get stale. I love planning meals and hosting dinners because it lets me follow my instincts, express myself, and bring people together. And, when it comes down to it, hunger and desire are essentially the same thing. I like to explore them both and see what comes of it.

Write to me at carrieobry@gmail.com.



13 thoughts on “About

  1. Carrie Post author

    Elisabeth – I live very close to where this picture is taken. Maybe we already have met. 🙂 We’ll have to have a cook off, or a cook on, some time.

  2. Carrie Post author

    Hey Liz. I did! I see you are too. Now I’m just waiting for all those new products to arrive via the Tastemaker program. I’m certainly willing to make some tasting happen.

  3. Geri London

    Ms. O’Bry I am contacting u because u have the same last name as I was born with and that is rare…would u know of any relatives from the miami florida area?

  4. Marilee Aschwanden

    You are one of my favorite bloggers for sometime now, I just friended you(approval pending) on Facebook.Please friend me on Urbanspoon (Vegetarian Princess) & sign me up to recieve your blog via email- PinkMinkPrincess@gmail.com

    Just another Single Foodie Princess that admires your style,

  5. Mark Leslie


    Thanks for contacting me through Facebook. I was just up in Winona, MN, this summer working for Great River Shakespeare Festival and took a couple of trips to the Twin Cities to eat my way into oblivion! Buonissimo!!

    I can be reached at the e-mail address connected with this message, and you can join (or “like”) the “Beyond the Pasta” Facebook page if you’d like to stay connected that way.

    Looking forward to hearing from you … and let’s talk shop, meaning FOOD! 🙂

    Ciao e a presto~

    Author of the soon-to-be released “Beyond the Pasta: Recipes, Language & Life with an Italian Family.”

  6. Carrie Post author

    Mark – I learned about your work by reading the class catalog for The Chefs Gallery in Stillwater. I looked up your work and loved your vibe. Maybe I can come to your next cooking class there next month. I’ll be watching for your new book, too!

  7. Carrie Post author

    Marilee – I added you to the subscription list. I assume the verification will be emailed to you. If not, click on the RSS feed link and you’ll find what you need! Thank you for commenting. It makes me happy to be read!

  8. Patricia Lamson Ricci

    I liven in your house From June 1964 (had my first child 1 month later) to July 1972. I think I was the third owner. If you have questions I might have answers email me patricci63@q.com.
    I love that you are fixing it. I did not have the energy with 3 little kids so we moved away.

  9. Carrie Post author

    Patricia – How cool! I’ve been planning to research the history of the house. Just haven’t had a chance yet. I’d love to hear more about it, so I’ll be in touch some time. Thank you for commenting.

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