My Weekend (In Which I Discover Lillet)

Weekend, where did you go? I had three days off, which is just enough to set my world almost right again. On Saturday, I headed to the country to meet my childhood friend Carrie at her house in Somerset. We packed up her daughters Zoe and Jamie a took a trip to Fawn Doe Rosa. Look at this beautiful girl (and my new best friend). It’s eerie and sweet to see her face, given that I have known Carrie since I was two years old and Zoe looks so much like her, both then and now.


I spent the drive home daydreaming about the party I’m throwing on Friday. In my first draft of the party (the one that doesn’t take cost into consideration), I make about eighteen different “Le Cakes” as seen in Gourmet with ample aperitifs to go with them. Alas, a bottle of Lillet is 23 dollars, so my petit aperitif obsession will have to be a semi private affair. But it’s so good, especially with a Nicoise salad, and especially imagining a French man serving it to me.


Sunday, Angela and I went bumming around the new Uptown Market. For better or worse, we didn’t get a hot dog from the Magic Bus, as good as that might have been. We went to Bryant Lake Bowl instead. I had a colorful mess of huevos rancheros.


I’ve never been let down by the food at BLB — but I have been let down by the service a few times, hanging out for forever while all the tables around you get their food. A restaurant/bowling alley is not a good place to complain about practical matters, though, even though I might try. The organic maple syrup offered to the table cost an extra buck fifty, and the server never says you’ll be charged. I don’t mind spending the money, but come on. It’s the principle of the thing. The crowd is a bunch of progressive urbanites eating granola pancakes — of course we want the organic maple syrup. Factor it into your operating expenses and serve everyone the good stuff. We’re discerning customers, and totally worth it, given what an institution BLB is.

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3 thoughts on “My Weekend (In Which I Discover Lillet)

  1. stefanie

    You went to the Fawn Doe Rosa?? “More like ‘Rule a Rosa,'” Tricia’s husband Mike said when he took Oliver there last year. 🙂 Sounds like you had a lovely day, excess rules or no.

    I am curious about this Lillet. I hadn’t heard of it when you mentioned it earlier this weekend, so I looked it up. I think it’s a bit cheaper at Surdyk’s (they had it for $17 or $18 a bottle), but still cost prohibitive for anything but a small party, I suppose.

  2. Carrie Post author

    Stef – I’m not sure why we don’t seem to drink aperitifs. This article at the Times is pretty humorous about it: I read a great article (that I can’t find now) about how a Frenchman will wrap you around his finger by delaying dinner all night with glass upon glass of Lillet. I liked that idea.

  3. Angelique

    Lots of clean white space here – nice. Not sure when I will be able to battle Benji and the $1.50 syrup again though.

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